Things Helpful In Deciding On How To Choose A Great Plumber

Spotting a good plumber in Beerwah can be harder than you have thought of if you do not keep a track of the latest plumbing services coming up in your area. Normally the trend in this field is that plumbers do not return your calls, and generally do not turn up. And, this has already tainted the reputation of the plumbers as a whole worldwide. But this cannot refrain the good people from working on principles. To prove this, a group of skilled plumbers have made their policies strong on customer call backs and turning up on calls on time. This has actually changed the face of plumbing in the areas of Beerwah, Glasshouse, and Sunshine Coast.

Timing is important and the plumber who keeps up to the time is a serious one

In Australia, where skilled professionals and plumbers are not available on call all the time due to high demand and traffic, the value of timely service is known to all. If you are facing an emergency, you would want to get some professional attending you quickly on call, and this is what most people desires. You must see in such cases that the agency or services you called for emergency plumbing requirements attends by what time, and that is how to choose a great plumber. If they return you call about any delays on the road, or come at your place on time or close to the time, then you can be sure that they will also be serious about the work.

Being professional and clear and to hide nothing

Another important thing your plumber must do well is, they must stay totally transparent to you about the happenings, the damage that was done, the cost of repairing or renovation, etc., and keeps nothing hidden from you.

Often you face situations, where the plumber will speculate a situation and give you a quote which has no explanations for you. You don’t even understand why you are told to spend the amount. But a plumber who will not keep things to himself, and will tell you clearly what has happened, the reason for a leak or damage, etc., and how to get this repaired or renovated, etc., will be clear to you from the very beginning, thus preventing any cloud of later confusions. Once again this is how to choose a great plumber, and you must look for these traits in your plumber.

Must have a clear understanding of upcoming expenses to make it clear to you

A plumber who is professionally trained and experienced will always be able to give you clear resolutions to any problem and very close quotes about the work charges and related costing. This shows his experience of working in the area. The plumbers working in the Sunshine Coast area must know the process of fittings and plumbing accessories there, and should be able to give you a clear picture of the upcoming expenses. This again makes a plumber trustworthy and skilled to be called later for other work and projects.

Cool Blinds Installation images

Check out these Blinds Installation images:

Polytopia 27
Blinds Installation
Image by Happy Sleepy
Polytopia is a an ongoing project, a sewn textile exploration of form inspired by geometry, evolution, and utopian states.

It took months to make. Each pyramid is about 6 x 6 inches at the base (15cm) and about 7 inches tall (18cm). The whole piece is 12 feet wide and 9 fee tall.

The fabrics are mostly deadstock, mill end rolls, and the excess of various industries manufacturing luggage, cars, airplanes, household goods and interiors. Most of the materials are various upholstery types, vinyl and nylon, lederette, roller blind fabric, and the silver and gold are foiled nylon wallpaper.

Individual pyramids were sewn, and the pyramids to each other were for this installation stapled. It took about 8000 staples.

It will be exhibited as part of Let’s Glow a Happy Sleepy show of paintings, animation, and textile art the Kitchenere Waterloo Art Gallery from 18 January to 4 March 2012.

Polytopia was installed as the coral component of The Reef, upART Contemporary Art Fair, 27 – 30 October 2011, Toronto.

Read more about Polytopia and other Happy Sleepy projects at

Polytopia 8
Blinds Installation
Image by Happy Sleepy
Polytopia is a an ongoing project, a sewn textile exploration of form inspired by geometry, evolution, and utopian states.

It took months to make. Each pyramid is about 6 x 6 inches at the base (15cm) and about 7 inches tall (18cm). The whole piece is 12 feet wide and 9 fee tall.

The fabrics are mostly deadstock, mill end rolls, and the excess of various industries manufacturing luggage, cars, airplanes, household goods and interiors. Most of the materials are various upholstery types, vinyl and nylon, lederette, roller blind fabric, and the silver and gold are foiled nylon wallpaper.

Individual pyramids were sewn, and the pyramids to each other were for this installation stapled. It took about 8000 staples.

It will be exhibited as part of Let’s Glow a Happy Sleepy show of paintings, animation, and textile art the Kitchenere Waterloo Art Gallery from 18 January to 4 March 2012.

Polytopia was installed as the coral component of The Reef, upART Contemporary Art Fair, 27 – 30 October 2011, Toronto.

Read more about Polytopia and other Happy Sleepy projects at

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Shepherd with his horse and dog on Gravelly Range, Madison County, Montana (LOC)

Check out these Home Security images:

Shepherd with his horse and dog on Gravelly Range, Madison County, Montana (LOC)
Home Security
Image by The Library of Congress
Lee, Russell,, 1903-1986,, photographer.

Shepherd with his horse and dog on Gravelly Range, Madison County, Montana

1942 Aug.

1 transparency : color.

Title from FSA or OWI agency caption.
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Information, 1944.

World War, 1939-1945
United States–Montana–Madison County

Format: Transparencies–Color

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Part Of: Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Collection Lot 12002-55 (DLC) 93845501

General information about the FSA/OWI Color Photographs is available at

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL):

Call Number: LC-USW36-847 B

Friday-Love! ~ Bug Eyed Strange Guy Fawkes Edition
Home Security
Image by Viewminder
Ooooooh yeah.

Can you feel it?

That feelin’ of Fridayness?

Uh huh.

What a crazy ass week wasn’t it?

I’m startin’ to think that they’re all crazy.

They’ll leave you kinda lookin’ like this guy if you let ’em.

Dude was cool.

He was walking down Milwaukee Avenue carrying a trombone case.

In my experience guys walking down the street carrying trombone cases at midnight are either crazy trombone players or they’re drug dealers carrying a trombone case filled with marijuana.

The devil’s weed.

Sweet Mary Jane.

Packed full in sandwich baggies three fingers thick.

I used to smoke pot in college.

I think the last time I bought it I bought it from a guy carrying a trombone case down the street.

In Honolulu Hawaii.

I was on my way to Bangkok and the plane hadda stop in the islands to get some gas and I decided I’d get off and explore for a couple of days.

Catch the next one.

You could do that in those days because people were cool.

They didn’t fly airplanes into buildings or butt search you when you flew anywhere domestically like they do now.

I rented some crap ass Suzuki Samuri tin foil jeep like thing for twenty nine bucks a day and slept in that piece of junk all over that island.

Kept getting kicked off of pineapple plantations by security guards in the middle of the night after the cops threatened to throw my ass in jail for sleepin’ on the beach.

Honolulu was really kind of boring if you’re not with a hot chick on your honeymoon and I’d heard about this legendary weed called ‘Maui Wowwie’ and figured maybe I could score some there.

Maui wasn’t too far away I thought.

I’m glad I did good in geography class.

Education pays.

I hit all the bad neighborhoods and people tried to sell me every other vice in the world but nobody had any of the sensimilian rasta love herbs I was lookin’ for.

I’d pretty much given up on the whole idea and instead I chartered a boat and went marlin fishing for the day and enjoyed me some of the big blue ocean and since I didn’t catch a marlin I decided to hit some fish joint on the beach where you could grill up your own marlin steak.

It was an epic dinner and when I was walkin’ back to that crap ass Suzuki Samuri I see this guy in a tie dyed Grateful Dead shirt carrying a trombone case walkin’ down the street with a smile on his face and lookin’ like he didn’t have a care in the world.

If you know anything about anything you know THAT guy’s carryin’.

So as I walked by him I whispered ‘weed?’

The guy stopped in his tracks and turned around and said ‘buyin’ or sellin’?’

‘Lookin” I answered.

You know… just in case he was Hawaii 5-0 undercover or somethin’.

Under the barbaric laws of the time they still put people in prison for havin’ that.

Oh wait… they still do.

Dealer man shot back ‘follow me.’

We walked into an alley next to the Honolulu Hilton and he opened that trombone case and holy smokes the thing was filled to capacity with the illegal green budness.

All neatly organized in rows according to weight and grade.

The guy was a professional.

Smelled like the Hienecken factory or a skunk farm right when he opened it I swear.

He was a full service pot dealer… probably specializing in the tourist market and he even had packages of rolling papers for the convenience of his customers.

‘I do a lot of business with the japanese’ he said ‘they’re my biggest customers.’

I picked up a bag of his produce after he extolled it’s virtues, promising me ‘you ain’t never smoked weed this good.’

We sat on the Hilton’s air conditioning unit there in the alley and he insisted on twisting up a fatty with me and we smoked it right there.

Good gahd he was right.

I had never smoked weed like that before and I never have since.

That stuff made me ‘see’ music.

I fell right on my ass off the air conditioning unit and he packed up his trombone case and headed off into the sultry Honolulu night looking for more business.

I found my shitball Suzuki Samuri and headed to the north part of the island where he said the waves were supposed to be killer in the morning.

No one was on the roads and I drove real slow… waiting for stop signs to turn green and everything.

I kept my eyes open for a twenty four hour burrito shack.

It had turned into a beautiful night and the stars were incredible to sleep under.

I slept behind some strip mall and woke up feeling like shit.

A day on the beach cured me of all of that and with that little bag of the ganja I made a whole bunch of new friends.

People could smell that stuff from a mile away.

Everyone was happy and the livin’ was good…

but I hadda catch a 747 to Bangkok late that afternoon and I headed back to the airport in the flimsy little Suzuki Samuri I’d been calling home.

It’s not a good idea to travel internationally with marijuana on your person so I finished off that stuff right before I got to the rental return at the airport…

I flicked the last half of my last happy cigarette carelessly into the breeze and said goodbye to Hawaii and that frickin’ Suzuki Samuri with a smile and some really red eyes.

And a terrible hankering for a bag of Doritos.

You know that joint I flipped outta the car on the way to the airport?


It never left the car.

It landed in my camera bag and melted itself to the top of it on the inside of the flap where you open and close it.

Where it remained while I went through customs in two countries.

I got a little extra scrutiny when I landed in Tokyo after spendin’ some time in Bankgok.

Dogs were sniffin’ all my stuff and everything.

But they never found that half a joint in my camera bag.

I found it six months later.

Me and a buddy finished it off and reminisced about the United States and then walked around the streets of Osaka feelin’ really good and havin’ a new appreciation for japanese letters in neon.

I’m not sayin’ old boy in this picture’s got anything to do with marijuana dealin’…

He coulda just been walkin’ back from a trombone gig or something.

But he looked like he was really feelin’ the love if you know what I mean.

He sure reminded me of my buddy ‘Budman’ in Honolulu.

I hope you’re feelin’ a different kinda love today.

One that doesn’t bug your eyes out like that.

I hope you got some cush plans for the weekend and you’re feelin’ like a million bucks ’cause you survived that crazy freakin’ week without too much collateral damage to your soul.

We made it to Friday.

The rest of the week can kiss my ass.


I’m feelin’ the love you know.


Epic Friday-Love!

I hope you have the best weekend.


Windows XP Security Issues

Microsoft Windows XP operating system is one of the most popular operating systems ever. Many people around the world have this operating system installed on their computers. Because this operating system is so popular, many cyber criminals are trying to find security holes in this system, and to use it for their criminal activities. In addition, many of them are successful, because many Windows XP users do not know how to eliminate all these threats. Therefore, here are several advices on how to improve your computer security, and do not become a victim of these cyber criminals.

Most important step that you really have to do is to make sure that all of your Microsoft applications are updated with latest updates. This is your first defense against all security threats, because Microsoft’s engineers are also aware of all new security threats, and they are constantly working to eliminate them. That is why they are making new updates and patches for all Microsoft applications. Make sure to switch on Automatic updates from the Control Panel of your Windows XP, visit the Microsoft web site from time to time, and inform yourself about latest news and updates for your Windows XP.

You should set a strong password for your Windows XP. Users of this operating system often overlook the importance of having a strong password as a strong element in prevention of any security issue. Strong password should contain at least eight characters and should be a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols. In addition, you need strong password not only for Windows XP, but also for any service that is maybe at risk, especially if money is involved (like password for your online bank account, email or any other commercial account).

If your computer is connected to any kind of network, and especially if you have broadband internet connection, you must use Firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic between your computer and internet. Windows XP have built in Firewall but it monitors only incoming traffic and doesn’t monitor outgoing traffic, so if you don’t have hardware Firewall on your router, than you have to consider buying Firewall. Best Firewall on the market at the moment is Zone Alarm, made by company called Zone Labs, and you can download free trial from their web site.

Next thing that you need is Anti Virus Protection. Even if in last couple of years computer viruses threats are reduced to minimum, you still need Anti-Virus software to prevent any damage. You should go always for a top brands like Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Avast. They will provide you with free antivirus updates and all latest upgrades of Anti-Virus software.

Author has been writing articles for nearly a year now. You can check out her latest website on PS2 to USB adapter and Ethernet to USB adapter.

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Career Night – Thinking of Getting Your Real Estate License?

Career Night – Thinking of Getting Your Real Estate License?
Event on 2018-04-17 19:00:00
Please join us for a 45-minute presentation and meet & greet designed to share the different opportunities available in Real Estate. We’ll discuss current market conditions, the aspects of Real Estate that make it an appealing career, the different ways you can work in Real Estate, and Weichert’s distinct advantages as a leader in the industry. At the end of the presentation, we’ll also cover details on how to get your Real Estate license and next steps to getting started in Real Estate. We hope you can join us! We also have an investment division that does nothing but buy homes at a discount, fix them up, and either sell them or keep them for cash flow. We teach our brokers how to do it!  We are different than other brokerages in town. We teach our brokers how to acheive true wealth and prosperity. A career in real estate is absolutely fantastic. But you need to invest in real estate to have real security. Please attent our career night and let us show you how we do it!

at Weichert, Realtors – Elite
1905 Northwest 169th Place
Beaverton, United States

Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby
Event on 2018-04-09 21:00:00
with Hand Habits
Kevin Morby City Music is an airplane descending over frozen lakes into Chicago. City Music is riding the Q Train out to Coney Island to smell the ocean and a morning in Philadelphia where greats cranes reconfigure the buildings like an endless puzzle. City Music is a quiet afternoon moment on a bench in Baltimore, a highway in Seattle at night where the distant houses look like tiny flames and a bottle of red wine being drained on a bridge in Paris. City Music is a bus pulling into St. Louis at dawn where the arch looks like a metal rainbow reflecting the days early sunlight….City Music is also the new album by Kevin Morby. Full of listless wanderlust, its a collection inspired by and devoted to the metropolitan experience across America and beyond by a songwriter cast from his own mould. As he puts it: It is a mix-tape, a fever dream, a love letter dedicated to those cities that I cannot get rid of, to those cities that are all inside of me.His fourth album, City Music works as a counterpart to Morbys acclaimed 2016 release Singing Saw, an autobiographical set that reflected the solitude and landscape in which it was recorded. It was imagined as an old bookshelf with a young Bob and Joni staring back at me, blank and timeless. They live here, in this left side of my brain, smoking cigarettes and playing acoustic guitars while lying on an unmade bed.And now follows City Music, the yang to its yin, the heads to its tails. It is an collection crafted using the other side of its creators brain, the jumping off point perhaps best once again encapsulated by an image. Here, Lou Reed and Patti Smith stare out at the listener, explains Morby. Stretched out on a living room floor they are somewhere in mid-70s Manhattan, also smoking cigarettes. It finds Morby exploring similar themes of solitude, but this time framed by a window of an uptown apartment that looks down upon an international urban landscape exposed like a giant bleeding wound.Morby rose to prominence as bassist in Woods, with who he recorded seven albums on Woodsist Records (Kurt Vile, The Oh Sees, Real Estate) while also forming The Babies with Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls. Two albums and a clutch of classic singles with the latter followed. Morbys 2013 debut solo work Harlem River was a homage to New York and featured contributions from artists including Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley (of White Fence), while 2014s Still Life garnered universal critical praise. Its easy to picture Morby with a wineskin under his arm, noted a Pitchfork review. His every worldly possession hitched to his back, an eye constantly fixed on some faraway point on the horizon.Recording at Panoramic Studios, a central Californian home-turned-recording studio, City Music saw Morby joined once again by former The Babies cohorts Megan Duffy (guitar) and Justin Sullivan (drums). Here the vocals were at recorded night, in darkness, overlooking a Pacific Ocean illuminated only by the stars, the wash and whisper of the ebbing tidal a distant soundtrack. Six weeks of European touring had left the trio speaking a secret language that only a band can speak. The language of a musical family, explains Morby. There was an outdoor shower with no curtain and deer ran through the front yard during the meals we cooked for each other… The record was completed with Richard Swift in Oregon (producer of Foxygen, sometime member of The Black Keys).From the widescreen opening of Come To Me Now through the bubblegum stomp of the Ramones-eulogising 1-2-3-4 (which also references late poet Jim Carrolls litany of friends lost, People Who Died), a stripped-back and wistful cover of Caught In My Eye by nihilistic LA punk wrecking crew Germs and on to Leonard Cohen-evoking closer Downtowns Lights, City Music reads like a selection of musical postcards composed and posted in the moment. It is a forensic and poetic examination of a modern America in love with the myth of itself.At the big beating heart of these songs is the voice and conscience of the city. All cities. We see them viewed from differing angles; from down in the gutter, and drifting up into the celestial firmament. I am walking through a Chinatown in a major American city and now I am a guitar part taking place in my head, offers Morby by a way of a commentary for the albums inception. It falls around me like rain, dancing with the neon lights coming off of the signs of the restaurants and bars. Now I am a lamp full of hot air floating away, looking down. The city is beautiful like one million candles with different sized flames, moving in their own directions. A line finds me and grabbing it I hold on tight. I sing to myself, Oh, that city music, oh that city sound…Here the album gives voice to the all those cities speaking the same universal language of chaos and commerce and culture. It views the city as an Oz-like experience, with your host cast as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, a narrator by turns innocent, awestruck, fearful and fearless. Where a world once black and white is now rainbow coloured. I am a city and I have many moods, it says via its human conduit. I am dangerous and I am gorgeous. Like a proud forest made of metal and brick I am constantly changing shape, growing bigger and smaller all at the same time. I hold you but you do not hold me….City Music. Let it hold you.Ben Myers.March 2017.

at Casbah
2501 Kettner Boulevard
San Diego, United States

Cool Keep Your Home Secure images

Check out these Keep Your Home Secure images:

Wicked Weasel Globemaster
Keep Your Home Secure
Image by BillyWarhol


My good Flickr friend

brought this Article to my attention*

there’s also a story today about Canadian Software that can Help people in countries with Internet Censorship*

obviously China & Iran come to mind but also right here in CANADA & the UNITED STATES of AMERICA*

By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN, Associated Press Writer
Sat Dec 2, 6:16 AM ET

WASHINGTON – A leader of the new Democratic Congress, business travelers and privacy advocates expressed outrage Friday over the unannounced assignment of terrorism risk assessments to American international travelers by a computerized system managed from an unmarked, two-story brick building in Northern Virginia.

Incoming Senate Judiciary Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (news, bio, voting record) of Vermont pledged greater scrutiny of such government database-mining projects after reading that during the past four years millions of Americans have been evaluated without their knowledge to assess the risks that they are terrorists or criminals.

"Data banks like this are overdue for oversight," said Leahy, who will take over Judiciary in January. "That is going to change in the new Congress."
The Associated Press reported Thursday that Americans and foreigners crossing U.S. borders since 2002 have been assessed by the

Homeland Security Department’s computerized Automated Targeting System, or ATS. The travelers are not allowed to see or directly challenge these risk assessments, which the government intends to keep on file for 40 years. Some or all data in the system can be shared with state, local and foreign governments for use in hiring, contracting and licensing decisions. Courts and even some private contractors can obtain some of the data under certain circumstances.

"It is simply incredible that the Bush administration is willing to share this sensitive information with foreign governments and even private employers, while refusing to allow U.S. citizens to see or challenge their own terror scores," Leahy said. This system "highlights the danger of government use of technology to conduct widespread surveillance of our daily lives without proper safeguards for privacy."


Canadian software touted as answer to Internet censorship abroad
2006-12-01 09:45:00

TORONTO (CP) – Citizens of countries such as China and Iran are about to be handed a powerful Canadian-made tool designed to undermine authoritarian efforts at stifling the free flow of information.

Called Psiphon, it’s a small computer program that allows people in non-democratic places to beat the local thought police and access forbidden websites at minimal personal risk.

The software is being formally launched on Friday.

"All we’re doing is allowing people to access the Internet at a standard that’s provided in uncensored locations like Canada," said Ron Deibert, director of the Citizen Lab Project at the University of Toronto.

"We wanted to make it something that authorities would have a difficult time discovering."

The concept is simple.

People in uncensored locations such as Canada install Psiphon on their home computers. The program is free, easy to set up, and small at about 1.5 megabytes.

They then send connection information by e-mail or phone, along with a user name and password, to people they trust in the countries subject to censorship.

The person in the foreign country connects through a secure, encrypted connection to the uncensored computer and surfs the web without hindrance.

Security depends on trusting the people involved in setting up the connection.

"You really have to break the social networks to discover Psiphon, (because) it’s very difficult for authorities to technically discover Psiphon traffic, if not impossible," Deibert said.

More than 40 countries are now engaged in Internet censorship, where only a few did just a few years ago.

China, for example, rigorously blocks access to information on the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, as well as to other politically sensitive sites, with what’s been dubbed the Great Firewall.

Countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Sudan also routinely block Internet content.

That makes it difficult for western journalists, non-governmental agencies and businesses working in those countries to gain access to uncensored information.

Until now, so-called censorship busters such as the Voice of America have resorted to broadcasting information on how to access uncensored computers. Authorities are usually quick to block those.

"It’s a cat and mouse game," Deibert said.

In addition, people often don’t trust the sites because they can be set up by their own government as a sting.

Human rights advocates welcomed the program.

"(Psiphon) is a welcome addition to allow people freely to get information where their governments are trying to prevent them from getting it," Amnesty International spokesman John Tackaberry said from Ottawa.

Sharon Hom, executive director of New York-based Human Rights In China, said in a statement that Psiphon has "great potential" but isn’t a "magic bullet."

"The Chinese government has deployed vast resources to maintain information control and censorship," Lom said.

The program was the brainchild of Nart Villeneuve and Michelle Levesque at the University of Toronto’s Munk Centre for International Studies.

They developed a prototype three years ago, but it essentially languished until January, when funding from the Open Source Institute allowed its development. Eight people worked on the project full-time since then.

Currently, the program works on Windows and Linux operating systems, with a Mac version in the works.

It can be downloaded at

12_Every star was ripped from the blue field
Keep Your Home Secure
Image by Jim Surkamp
Script below – Read with Images Sequenced in the Script – JS

The Song of Mary Entler by Jim Surkamp 7888 words

The Song of Mary Entler Herrington by Jim Surkamp

The Song of Mary Louise Entler Herrington (1840-1932)

Made possible with the generous, community-minded support of American Public University system, offering a quality, affordable, online education. Interpretations in videos and posts do not in any way reflect modern-day policies and positions of American Public University System. More . . .

Flag Dangerous:
Carry the Secret Mail:
The Sad Fate of the Great Western:
A Wartime Shepherdstown Each Day:
A Sidetracked Mission:
“Fraternizing” With the Enemy:
Peacetime – Eternal Tide of Memories:
The Eyes of Age:

About the end of the heydays of a great inn; about the innkeeper’s feisty, adventurous – amorous – young daughter during the Civil War who lived to tell about it and see her family’s inn perish


2_The 1850s in Shepherdstown
The 1850s in Shepherdstown: Good Times for Joseph and Mary Entler

3_The Entlers boarded travelers
The Entlers boarded travelers and stabled their teams by the score in their Great Western Inn on Shepherdstown’s German Street.

As Mary Louise Entler Herrington (hereafter “MLH”) told it:
After my father bought it in 1809, he hung a large sign swung across the pavement at the east corner of the house. A heavy post at the curb supported one side and the other side was fastened to the house.

4_In the middle of the sign
In the middle of the sign in large letters that were plainly visible for squares up and down the street was the word, “INN”, and just below that, ‘JOS. ENTLER”.

For many years it was a welcome abode to the weary traveler, for then all traveling was by wagon and carriage from Ohio and Kentucky to Baltimore and Washington, where their produce was sold and groceries and other commodities were taken back. All these white-covered wagons were placed in the large grounds and the weary horses were comfortably bedded down and fed in the large stone stables by good trusty colored men.

The house was a quaint, 52-foot-long weatherboard house with massive stone steps to both front doors and stone trimmings and steps to the front cellars and long massive stone stiles or (carriage stepping stones).

The dining room was 34-feet-long. The ice house was under the dining room and was filled every winter with twenty-five, four-horse wagon loads of ice, which lasted until fall. The ice was from the Potomac River.

5_The large fireplace was in the kitchen
The large fireplace was in the kitchen that also had the cranes and pothooks and hangers.

Seventeen rooms were in the house and many also had large old-fashioned fireplaces and were finished with high-paneled mantelpieces.

In the 1850s children remembered the fancy carriages, with many horses pulling, making the smart, sharp turn from the main streeet to the lane leading to the rear stables.

6_lane leading to the rear stables
All circuses stopped at this inn and pitched their tents in the large lot arranging the cages of wild animals around the circle inside and all other wagons outside the tent.

Joseph Entler moved his family to Wingerd Cottage in 1858 and leased out the Great Western. Then that all ended – and, so did the Great Western.


7_Twenty-one-year-old Mary Louise Entler – in an act of defiance
Twenty-one-year-old Mary Louise Entler – in an act of defiance – and several friends sat in chairs in the big hall of Wingerd Cottage sewing . . and sewing – ripping stars from an American flag mailed to them from New Orleans, that once waved from a ship of Rezin Davis Shepherd’s, as he perhaps thought such a flag might be more trouble to have in New Orleans, as the new war boiled over and Louisiana seceded from the Union in early 1861.

8_Mary Entler Herrington retold her past
Mary Licklider, a niece, recalled how Mary Entler Herrington retold her past before dying in 1932:

A U.S. flag, probably made of wool bunting fabric was given to four or five young girls (young girls at the time), by Mr.

9_Rezin Shepherd
Rezin Shepherd who lived in New Orleans. In the summer he lived at Wild Goose Farm. The flag was one from one of his vessels. It was sent to us by Mr. James Shepherd and was to be converted into a Confederate flag, a work that was dangerous at the time, being in disputed territory. We could work only when our men were in the lines and had to be very cautious then.

10_Joseph Entler owned and lived at Wingerd Cottage
My father Joseph Entler owned and lived at Wingerd Cottage during the war and there the flag was made. The location off from town and the large wide hall were ideal places for the work, which took many anxious weeks to complete.

11_It was very tedious to rip every seam
It was very tedious to rip every seam of the stripes in such a way as not to ravel the bunting.

12_Every star was ripped from the blue field
Every star was ripped from the blue field, and

13_then to sew all the red together
then to sew all the red together

14_all the white to form the bars red, white, and red
and all the white to form the bars red, white, and red.

15_Of course we had a surplus of stars
Of course we had a surplus of stars as the Confederacy was young.

After many weeks of work, the flag was finished and a beautiful Confederate flag was ready to be sent through the line to Company B. It was hidden away awaiting a safe transfer. (Mary’s brother – Cato Moore Entler – was with Company B of the 2nd Virginia Infantry).

MLH recalled an investigation in the fall of 1861:

16_I heard the tramp of cavalry
I heard the tramp of cavalry and clank of swords and sabers. I looked out the window and saw the cottage was surrounded by “Yankee” cavalry.

Oh, the flag, what was to be done with it? I heard the officer read orders to my father to search his premises thoroughly for contraband goods. My father seemed to be protesting against the search. But that gave me a little time to take the flag from its hiding place in a chest. The house was surrounded. I could not get out to hide it.

I pulled a dress from the wall and put the flag in it and threw the dress carelessly across the back of a chair. Skirts were very wide with deep facings upon them. I put the little flags that we wore on our dresses and letters under the carpet.

17_My door was pushed open
My door was pushed open by Capt. Horner of Col. Coles’ Cavalry and the search began. Every bureau drawer and closet was searched, even the grandfather clock where reposed letters to go through the lines. But they were too deep in the bottom of the old clock to be detected. Everything was handled but the blue-striped dress hovering over its precious treasure. It was too insignificant to attract their notice and they gave up the search, but rather in a bad humor. The flag was safe and sent to Company B. That flag would be readily recognized by its many seams and its homemade marks. Now what became of that flag is a mystery.

Due to confusion created by units carrying different flags after 1st Manassas, the 30th of October 1861 saw Governor Letcher present every Virginia regiment with a bunting flag. Another private group in Charles Town had had a regimental flag made for the 2nd Virginia infantry regiment that the unit reportedly carried into battle at First Manassas/Bull Run, but was smuggled back to the Rutherfords in Charles Town.


March, 1862

MLH recalled:
19_We collected all letters and concealed them
We collected all letters and concealed them by carefully sewing them between the ruching and dress. It required neatness and patience to make the work look innocent of anything contraband. We started on our march one bright beautiful morning but the roads being soft and muddy and we being not yet accustomed to marching could not get over much ground as rapidly as Stonewall Jackson’s men. The first night was spent at the home of Mr. Foley where another mail was collected. Another bright morning blessed our errand and when the purple shades of evening were gathering in the west we entered Charles Town as leisurely and passed the Union soldiers as indifferently as though we were out for an evening stroll. What a triumph it would have been for them to have secured that mail; how they would have gloated over every sacred sentence in those letters. My heart thrilled with fear at the thought although apparently so indifferent to their presence.


December 26, 1862: The 12th Pennsylvania cavalry – The Bull Run Racers – crossed over the river ford into town and the (Federal-sympathcizing) refugees all came back from Maryland with a fire in their eyes and revenge for Mort Cookus’ blood (who was shot and killed by Andrew Leopold near Dam No. 4 on November 19th. (The refugees) declared that every Southern man’s house should be burned down. – Gallaher in “The Shepherdstown Register.”

The property was a hotel (in market for rent at the time). It was taken possession of and occupied by a Pennsylvania Cavalry Company. The extensive grounds in which were apple trees and vegetables were trampled and all the fencing destroyed.


MLH recalled:
1863 still finds our town disputed territory and a veritable “deserted village” – old men, women, and children with a very few Union men . . . In time of war when both armies have fallen back, a town presents a most desolate and forlorn appearance-the old people, women and children have no definite plans. They stand about in groups writing and talking of the latest battle or the expected skirmishes. Their homes are places to retire from inclement weather rather than to adorn – the table to satisfy hunger rather than the delightful board where sweet companionship mingled with health-giving food.

No systematic housekeeping, no aim, no object in performing any household duties. All energy was concentrated in doing for the soldiers. “When our boys come home we will do thus and so” was the oft repeated phrase. Sometimes at the dead of night the report of a pistol shot would warn us that the rebels were in town. But when daylight came we saw only the blue coats patrolling the streets, and they would leave as mysteriously as the rebels.


23_Mary Entler’s Dangerous Mission Gets Sidetracked
May – 1863 – Mary Entler’s Dangerous Mission Gets Sidetracked

24_Raider Andrew Leopold
NOTE Raider Andrew Leopold, whose sister, Sally Zittle, was a friend of Mary Entler, had been captured in late April, 1863 near Berryville and taken to a jail, awaiting trail for murder and other crimes.- JS

A beautiful May morning, balmy air waiting the perfume of flowers over the country submerged in war. Sparkling dew drops resting in the bosom of such blossoms like tiny tear drops-weeping for the sad hearts made sad by war. God sends beautiful days in war as well as peace- we must remember that.

A young prepossessing girl introduced herself to me on this May morning as a sister of Andrew Leopold. She told me her brother had been captured by the Yankees and was confined in Fort McHenry, MD, and that the entreaties of her widowed mother had induced her to try to get through the Federal lines to have an interview with (Confederate) General J.E.B. Stuart in regard to having her brother exchanged as a prisoner of war. . . She had been sent to me by a southern woman who knew I had carried letters through to Charles Town and thought I would accompany the young lady to that place, and acquaint her with friends who would assist her through the lines. I hesitated a moment and she said with tears that his mother had a message from Baltimore that if some powerful influence was not brought to bear immediately that her brother would be executed as a guerilla. That decided the matter.

We started off in a one horse carriage for Charles Town. She as a traveler was attired in a brown suit with a cape to match trimmed with quilling around it and a brown straw hat with a veil. I was to spend the day only and was dressed in a blue “Dolly Varden” pattern dress, blue silk bonnet with wide turn over cuffs and concealed in the lining of these cuffs were slips of paper with names of prominent Southern sympathizers who we were to call upon for any assistance. Before starting we concluded it would be better to go under fictitious names – she as Lucy Hamilton, and I as Louise Hamilton, her cousin. And with hearts filled with hope we started off that bright May morning on our errand of mercy.

Charles Town was reached in good time. We stopped where we were directed at Mrs. L’s and urged for safety to stay all night here-Lucy to start next morning southward and I to return home would arouse no suspicion. The next morning was quite as beautiful and arrangements were completed when I found she was getting timid about starting off alone. She entreated me to go just as far as Berryville and then she thought she would feel brave enough to travel alone. It was a big undertaking for two young girls as the country was then all excitement and confusion. I finally agreed to go to Berryville. We knew exactly where to stop and whom to see. All was planned before starting from home. I will never forget how beautiful Berryville looked the morning we drove up to the hotel. It was a village embowered in beautiful green trees, blooming flowers. The bees humming in the nectar-laden flowers produced that lazy, peaceful quiet that is so soothing to tired nerves. We made our arrangements with the proprietor and took a stroll through the pretty, cool looking streets.

We met Union soldiers and plenty of them but we did not feel any fear of our plans failing. In the evening we called upon the family next to the hotel and had music until late that night. Next morning while arranging to separate we were visited by a Yankee officer saying he wished to know here were were going, and that we must take the oath. At first we refused to take the oath but when we consented to take it he would not let us, but placed us under arrest. What a frustrating of all our plans. How my heart ached for that poor girl. How she had built her hopes on securing the release of her brother on this venture.

Under arrest by the Federals, Gen. Milroy flabbergasted:

25_head-quarters of General Milroy
Winchester reached, we were taken to the head-quarters of General Milroy where we found women, young and old, proud and defiant, now arguing their claims and proclaiming their grievances. One delicate, forlorn-looking widow relating to the General how his men, the Yankees, had taken her cows, her only means of support for her children. He turned from her quickly to my friend and me – if there had been the least disposition on my part to be humble – his exclamation put that feeling to flight and aroused a very rebellious state of mind. “What in the devil are you doing here? If it were not for the women running around the country we would not have so much trouble.” My companion started up with surprise. “General, we did not want to come here. We did not start for this place. Your officers brought us here.” He ran fingers through his mass of snow white hair already standing straight up like the quills of a porcupine and our of the audience chamber he strode without another word. He presented a fine physique, tall, well-proportioned, erect in carriage, a wealth of snow-white hair which suggested from its stand-up appearance that his fingers had a fashion of roaming there when troubles were to be, and plans and problems of great magnitude to be wrought out.


June – 1863:

We were soon before the Provost Marshall at Martinsburg awaiting his orders. Next morning we were taken to General Kelly at Harper’s Ferry to await further orders. We were assigned to the best boarding house in the town adjoining the General’s headquarters where a great many of the officers boarded. We had a guard to watch our movements and prevent our escape if we thought of anything of the kind. We were allowed to walk around the town accompanied by the guard and sometimes were invited by officers, to whom we were introduced, to attend concerts and places of amusements but the guard invariably followed behind to the disgust of our gallants. Lucy and I ignored the guard altogether. We did not care how tired he became running over the old hills of Harper’s Ferry after us and many were the taunts and comments we overheard about “secesh” (Confederate-sympathcizing) prisoners.

“Miranda!” and the voice startled us – for it came from under the ground – a cottage, vine-clad and embowered in trees and bushes right under our feet on the slope of a hill. (The voice then said: “Here comes the two ‘secesh’ prisoners again trailing that poor tired guard after them as unusual. He looks like he is ready to drop. Much I would follow behind them over these hills.” She lived there under the hill with her beautiful daughter. She had lots and lots of beautiful flowers but not one would she give us after we humbled ourselves to ask for one because we were rebels.

At Harper’s Ferry with your five mountains, your bright Potomac, your smiling languid Shenandoah, your historic Jefferson’s Rock and romantic stone steps leading to the temple of God – St. Peter’s Church. In the yard of this church, high above the streets and houses of Harper’s Ferry, the Fifth New York Regiment Band discoursed sweet music every Sunday evening of the six weeks Lucy and I were prisoners. The sweet strains of the “Mocking Bird” as only Henry Frunkenfield could render them, echoed from Loudoun Heights across the great Shenandoah over the beautiful rock-ribbed Potomac of Maryland Heights, back again the mountain breezes wafted them though the streets and windows as if a hundred mocking birds were trilling their soul-felt song.

As a piece of fun, we were dressed in fantastic costumes, slipped down a stairway, of which the General had no knowledge to the kitchen, to dance for the cook and her black “Topsy”. The guard was told that we were about to make our escape. He hunted the house over for his prisoners and when he found us he did not recognize us for some time, our disguise was so complete. Two guards questioned us until they were finally convinced that we were not attempting an escape.

Sabbath days and week days were all the same at Harper’s Ferry during the war. The soldiers and citizens would promenade the streets. The crowds would send forth their martial airs, dignified and soul-stirring also their merry dance tunes. But this one Sabbath day seemed so different from all others that we had spent at that place. The day was declining and from the description of an Italian sunset, I think the sunset of this evening far surpassed any such Italian scene. The golden rays touched the tree tops and they looked like burnished gold. The strains of music came from the high rocks where St. Peter’s Church rests peacefully. Darts and streaks of gold tips of trees on the mountain tops – the birds twitter and call to their mates in low tones. There is a hush as if all nature were bowed in silent prayer as the twilight settles over the valley. The beauty of this Sabbath will never fade from my memory. It was my last one there as a prisoner. The stillness was soon changed to wild confusion and excitement.

Mary Entler Jumps Sides:

I took the oath of allegiance to the United States in June, 1863 in Baltimore, Maryland to Col. Fish who was in command there at the time. I have passed from Gen’l Lockwood commander at H. Ferry 1863 also from Gen’l Stevenson.

late August, 1864 – afterwards Company H., 116 Ohio Infantry, Capt. Peters and Col. Washburns Regiment occupied it, and every partition in the front bedrooms were destroyed. Every mantel piece (they were colonial) all but two were burned. The floor in the garrett of the back building was also destroyed. Enough of new window sash and door frames for a house was stored too. cistern and well floors destroyed and cistern filled with bee hives and rubbish. A fine dressed stable with 25 partitioned off, with board partitions-upper story divided off for grain and sleeping quarters for oster. All was torn out and this weakened the roof so that when a snow came it collapsed. A brick carriage house met the same fate. My father Joseph Entler was an old man at the time, and was never after that financially able to put back what was destroyed by the United States soldiers.


MLH married on February 15, 1865 in Frederick, Maryland Walter L. Herrington, a ticket-agent on the B&O Railroad at Harper’s Ferry.

They lived in her parents’ home of Wingerd Cottage, her parents having been forcibly retired from inn-keeping. Mary’s husband worked as a photographer then, that same year, died an untimely death.

1910: MLH had a dry goods and milliners shop on the south side of German Street.

1914: Mary Herrington paid in trust to George Beltzhoover the remaining western half of the lot of the once Great Western Hotel for 0, a sum to be paid to Nellie M. Entler. – December 5, 1914, Deed Book 111, p. 505. – Jefferson County Clerk.

Mary Herrington was seventy-nine years old, living in Shepherdstown with her seventy-two-year-old-sister, Julia M. Miller, and brother, sixty-nine-year-old Lewis Little.

On June 20th MLH sold the dual-lot Great Western Inn to relative Harry T. Licklider on the condition that she could still live in the inn her natural life with her brother, “the said Home to consist of four rooms of the first floor and five rooms, including a summer kitchen and garden.” Two years later Licklider felt in arrears with the Swift Corporation and was sued and forced to sell the Great Western lands to pay off the debts. So the inn was gone from the family but MLH could literally live there, literally, on borrowed time.

She recalled:
Only the walls of the stables remain today in ruins, covered with Virginia Creeper to screen the ugly scars of the Civil War.

28_Mary L. Herrington was listed as eighty-nine years old
Mary L. Herrington was listed as eighty-nine years old but with her brother, Lewis Little, now listed as head of their house of the south side of German Street between King and Princess Streets near the center of the block, assessed at about ,000. Mary A. Licklider & Mary Herrington 1930 Census with her interviewer Mary A. Licklider living next door at the home of Edward Licklider, Mary’s father.

Mary Louise Herrington died March 27, 1932, having given much of these recollections to Mary A. Licklider, a descendant of Mary’s brother, Cato Moore Entler. Her marker is in Elmwood Cemetery. That summer, the new owner of the Great Western began massive alterations and reductions.

The Organic Open Mic @ Bareburger East Village NYC – Comedy, Music, Poetry!

The Organic Open Mic @ Bareburger East Village NYC – Comedy, Music, Poetry!
Event on 2018-03-13 19:00:00
Looking for special – and very unique – open mic in downtown Manhattan?

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These events will be hosted either Mike Brown or Selena Coppock, two amazing comedians.

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25 slots, 6-minute time limit, 7pm-10pm.


Menu includes classic beef burgers, but also lamb, wild boar, ostrich, bison, and elk. You can put your burger between a variety of buns, including brioche, a multi-grain roll, iceberg lettuce wrap, or tapioca rice bun, spice it up with things like apple smoked onions, bourbon sauteed mushrooms, a variety of cheeses and cilantro lime dressing. And believe us when we tell you that you haven't lived until you've tried Bareburger's fried bread & butter pickle chips. And wash it all down either with a hand-crafted, natural soda or a luscious organic shake that comes in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, banana, peanut butter or peanut butter chocolate.

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Doors open for open mic sign-up @ 7pm

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Cover charge:

For more Inspired Word info, please check out

at Bareburger
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New York, United States

What training is involved in an actioners licence course for real estate

Brisbane Real estate Courses Company

Being a real estate sales person can be very confusing, and especially if you do not have the required real estate skills. The good thing is that it doesn’t require a college degree for a person to be successful in real estates. However, getting an education will go a long way in ensuring that you are on top of other realtors. Besides, real estate business does not entail an investor to decide and start on the business immediately. The first stop of your real estate journey starts with getting a licence. This license is usually regulated by the state you want to operate in and through a Brisbane real estate course company. States also differ in the licencing process and this includes the level of education that a real estate salesperson is required to have for them to be offered the licence. There are also a number of rules that have to be followed in the application process, not forgetting the application fees too.

Real estate licencing education

So what exactly do you expect in the licencing training education? Actually, this will depend with your state. In Queensland for instance, the licencing program for real estate consist of three parts.

  • Real estate practice
  • Real estate principles
  • Legal aspect of real estate

There is assignment in text books work books practise exams and quizzes.

Real estate principles

The duration for this course is normally 45 hours. Some of the topics that are covered include

  • Time management
  • Property valuation
  • Listing and selling process
  • escrow procedures
  • Closing the sale financing taxes

Other topics include

  • Land description ad subdivision
  • Liens and encumbrances
  • Acquisition and transfer of real property
  • Unlawful discrimination
  • Leases contact
  • Ethics
  • Agency and business principles

Real estate practise

The duration for the course is also 45 hours. It covers courses on what it takes to be successful in the real estate business. It expands a student’s knowledge in the real estate industry by covering the following topics

  • The business of real estates
  • How to find and counsel the buyer
  • The art of pricing and listing

Legal aspects of real estates

The time period is also 45 hours. It helps realtors get an idea of pitfalls to avoid as far as the law is concerned. The topics covered include the laws in real estate, agency policies, contract clauses among others.

This real estate licencing program is completed in live classrooms and there is also an option of having online programs. Schools are in a better position to offer this course since they provide all the necessary materials including text books and other study resources. After completion of the course, a final online exam also has to be taken. Students are required to wait for 18 days after completion of the course to take the exam. If you do not complete the final exam on time, your licence can also be delayed. The final exam consists of a booklet with multiple choice questions. The exam has to be completed within two and a half hours. A candidate must have a score rate of 60% to be eligible for the licence.

G20 Toronto – Smashed Starbucks Front Window (June 26)

Check out these Security Windows images:

G20 Toronto – Smashed Starbucks Front Window (June 26)
Security Windows
Image by andrewarchy
Protest aftermath

Metal Window Safety Day Grid Protection Pattern Metal Grate Sky Indoors No People Security Bar Prison Architecture Close-up Sbahn Sbahnhof Berlin
Security Windows
Image by xurde

Security Building, Main Street
Security Windows
Image by Mike Willis

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