Things Helpful In Deciding On How To Choose A Great Plumber

Spotting a good plumber in Beerwah can be harder than you have thought of if you do not keep a track of the latest plumbing services coming up in your area. Normally the trend in this field is that plumbers do not return your calls, and generally do not turn up. And, this has already tainted the reputation of the plumbers as a whole worldwide. But this cannot refrain the good people from working on principles. To prove this, a group of skilled plumbers have made their policies strong on customer call backs and turning up on calls on time. This has actually changed the face of plumbing in the areas of Beerwah, Glasshouse, and Sunshine Coast.

Timing is important and the plumber who keeps up to the time is a serious one

In Australia, where skilled professionals and plumbers are not available on call all the time due to high demand and traffic, the value of timely service is known to all. If you are facing an emergency, you would want to get some professional attending you quickly on call, and this is what most people desires. You must see in such cases that the agency or services you called for emergency plumbing requirements attends by what time, and that is how to choose a great plumber. If they return you call about any delays on the road, or come at your place on time or close to the time, then you can be sure that they will also be serious about the work.

Being professional and clear and to hide nothing

Another important thing your plumber must do well is, they must stay totally transparent to you about the happenings, the damage that was done, the cost of repairing or renovation, etc., and keeps nothing hidden from you.

Often you face situations, where the plumber will speculate a situation and give you a quote which has no explanations for you. You don’t even understand why you are told to spend the amount. But a plumber who will not keep things to himself, and will tell you clearly what has happened, the reason for a leak or damage, etc., and how to get this repaired or renovated, etc., will be clear to you from the very beginning, thus preventing any cloud of later confusions. Once again this is how to choose a great plumber, and you must look for these traits in your plumber.

Must have a clear understanding of upcoming expenses to make it clear to you

A plumber who is professionally trained and experienced will always be able to give you clear resolutions to any problem and very close quotes about the work charges and related costing. This shows his experience of working in the area. The plumbers working in the Sunshine Coast area must know the process of fittings and plumbing accessories there, and should be able to give you a clear picture of the upcoming expenses. This again makes a plumber trustworthy and skilled to be called later for other work and projects.

Review of the Best Tile Brand In Australia


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Tile is such material without which homeowners can’t think of renovating or building a house. It has the capacity to totally convert the look of your place. But only the right choice of tiles can give you a perfect and finished look. Australia is known for producing best tiles in the world. Whether they are from Brisbane, Queensland, Melbourne or Perth, every brand is best in its own place. 
Areas To Look For While Selecting The Best Tile Brand
Some of the important areas that you should look for to get the best brand are: 
•    The best tiles and bathroom ware: They should be involved in constant travel and research that can provide their designers and buyers to be at the frontline of design and fashion trends. They should have worked with the leading manufacturers to develop their ranges.
•    Expertise: They should have the best technical and design expertise that helps the customers to select such tiles that are not only good as per the looks but will also perform to the highest standard. 
•    Creating a seamless, stress-free and enjoyable experience: They should have major distribution centres along with best-in-class logistics and transport systems that deliver tiles to every customer smoothly and promptly.
Tiles are important for changing the look of your home but how the tiling is done is also important. There are many tiling services working for years in Australia. Here are some of the tiling services operating in Australia.
Craig Thorne Tiling
Craig Thorne Tiling has been providing quality tiling and waterproofing services for 25 years in Australia. It is situated in Sunshine Coast of Queensland. They have the best Sunshine Coast tiling specialists who are well skilled and qualified tradesman having a 4-year apprenticeship. They have serviced almost all the residential and commercial projects in Queensland. They provide services like wall and floor tiling, bedding and leveling, waterproofing, bathroom renovations, etc.
Beaumont delivers a huge range of tiles like floor tiles, bathroom tiles, tiles for the around and in the pool area, outdoor entertaining area, and natural stone tiles. Beaumont’s credits its success to its customer. For years they have been providing great customer experience. They have been following a customer-centric philosophy which is focused on providing the best products right from the global manufacturers. They have also been providing best-in-class logistic, transport and delivery systems that ensure the products to be close to the customers.
Best Tiling Sydney
Best Tiling Sydney deals with all the modern day design and style of services. They are known to provide unique tiling services. They provide all types tiling services that are needed for the residential or commercial purposes like wet room tiling, fitting marble, ceramic, glass, and mosaic, shower sealing, replacement of cracked tiles, etc. This is why the majority of people in Australia depend on this company for their concerned tiling service.
As selecting the perfect tiles for your place is important, selecting the best tiling service is also equally important. Spending too much on the tiles will not make your home amazing unless you hire a good tiling specialist who puts up the tiles perfectly in your home thus giving a finished look to your place.

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Cleanest Establishment in Adelaide

It is important to maintain hygiene in your company. It can be a small or a big establishment, but a clean environment means a better health for your employees. This essentially means that you are going to get a better productivity from them. To get that, use skip bins Adelaide and find the right support. You need some more details regarding the same. They are discussed here for you. 

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Ensure A Better Staff Health
So now you are certain that you are going to get the best support from the bins and their maintenance, as per your staff health is concerned. What you need to check out now is the positioning of the bins, their cleaning service and frequency and the cost of the service. Here are the three things that needs your attention. 
•    Fix the right areas, where to keep the bins. Once you keep them at the places, where there is absolutely no need of them, you are going to lose the most. Your investment, your time and your efforts will also go in vein there. So, note the areas, where the best service is required and ensure that you place the bins at that points. 
•    The next thing that you need to ensure is the frequency of the cleaning. If you are putting them in some open space, it can be cleaned twice a week, but do not take this as a rule. Everything depends on the frequency of use and the collection of daily wastes in the skip bins Adelaide. If they are more, then a regular cleaning will be better. However, if you put them in the office interiors, it is important that you arrange for a regular cleaning. Smell form the bin will be such on the next day, that germs will be spread more. When you ensure a regular cleaning, you can get a better support by all means. 
•    The final thing to be checked out is the cost of the bins and the services. The cost of the bins can be easily noted from the online services or portals. So, your noticeable area is the cost of the service of daily cleaning. You will have to check the cost from the different quotes and also the service quality that is provided. 
Check all the above three things, before you install the service. This is going to make the service easy and compatible with your company too. 
Find The Heavy Goods Seller 
Once you decide to have such bins at your workstation, you can easily go for the heavy goods seller sites and check out the different sizes and prices of the bins. It is not that they cost very much. You can ask for a quote and within a week, you will find the bids from some reputed firms. Check out the sizes, material used and prices of them and order for the same. It is important to note the location of the bins. This will help you select the right number of bins for your workshop. You can get the best features if you choose the right company, for the same. You must get through the websites of the companies, to have a look at the different prices and models. This will help you a lot.  

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Cool Window Coverings images


A few nice Window Coverings images I found:

Window Coverings
Image by splorp
Partially repainted garage with chicken wire window coverings.

Image from page 408 of “Decorative textiles; an illustrated book on coverings for furniture, walls and floors, including damasks, brocades and velvets, tapestries, laces, embroideries, chintzes, cretonnes, drapery and furniture trimmings, wall papers, car
Window Coverings
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: decorativetextil1918hunt
Title: Decorative textiles; an illustrated book on coverings for furniture, walls and floors, including damasks, brocades and velvets, tapestries, laces, embroideries, chintzes, cretonnes, drapery and furniture trimmings, wall papers, carpets and rugs, tooled and illuminated leathers
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Hunter, George Leland, 1867-1927
Subjects: Embroidery Tapestry Textile fabrics Lace and lace making Wallpaper Decoration and ornament
Publisher: Philadelphia and London, J. B. Lippincott company Grand Rapids, The Dean-Hicks company
Contributing Library: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
t. The mask and the god-dess in the middle panel of the north wall are not the same as themask and the goddess in the middle panel of the south wall. There isalso variety in the masks and the statues of the outer panels and manyminor differences, some of which were clearly intentional. As inOriental rugs and Renaissance tapestries and other examples ofgenius in ornament, the repetition that brings balance and reducesnatural forms to human terms is relieved by happy variety in detail. The west or windowed wall of the room consists of three panels,the outer two of which are the same, reversed. The middle one showsa bowl of fruit with parrot above. The outer two show a grotto,fountains and bright-coloured birds. The Boscoreale frescoes would be interesting to reproduce onmodern walls, with the brush on canvas or with the block paper. PATTERN AND TEXTURE PAPERS Chinese wall papers and those based on them (Plates II, IV)occupy an intermediate position between picture papers and pattern 380

Text Appearing After Image:
Plate XIV—FAMOUS PAPERS DESIGNED BY WALTER CRANE In the upper left corner, Fig and Peacock; in the upper right, Golden Age; in the lower left corner, Wood Notes inspired by Shakespeares Midsummer Nights Dream; on the right, Peacock 381

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

window coverings
Window Coverings
Image by subsetsum

Best Ways To Hire A Tradesman To Build Net Wire Fencing

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Security is a purpose of which everybody is concerned about. So issues related to the security provision have to be taken care of with importance. Fencing is such a way to keep the security of the house or any land or in livestock anywhere for preventing the trespassers. The fence is a structure which is being installed around the plot whether a house or any other place with hard and dangerous material like the wood or the wire. But not only a fence is only for the security issue, but it is also built in such a way that it provides a beautification of the surrounding.
Different purposes of the fencing
Fences are being used for various purposes. Some of the purposes may be as follows:
•    First and the foremost one is the security of the house. By putting a fence along the boundary of the house will prevent from going outside and something to go inside. 
•    Next, it is being used for marking the perimeter of a plot that will separate it from the other open lands.
•    In livestock places, it is also used for the security purpose.
•    Many important places like the prisons, zoos, and playground do often have fences for the security issues.
•    And lastly, fencing is also being used for the decorative purposes in many homes and places. 
So as we have seen the fence has different kinds of uses and so the materials that are being used for fencing has to be different based on its importance. And most popularly the net wire fencing is the popular one. It is being seen at most of the places and mainly for the security issues. But there are other types of materials which are being used for the fencing purpose. But this material only depends on the purposes of the fencing.
Different types of fencing used for different purpose
The different types of fencing are mentioned as below:
Net wire fencing is being used for many purposes. And it is one of the cheapest ones to be installed. It has many patterns, and the patterns are being made based on the usage. 
Cactus fencing is the other one which is made with metals thorns which are very dangerous. They are mainly used in the prisons and zoos for a high-security purpose.
Electric fence is also used for various purposes which are for security issue. Electricity is being conducted through this mesh, and so it can even cause death.
The concrete fence is the hard and durable one which is also very easy to install.
Dry stone wall fencing is the other one which is mainly used for the agriculture purpose.
How to get a good worker on fence 
So in order to install any kinds of fences, you need to have the experts for the work. So, any fence building professionals need to be contacted for the work. Professional best at the work can be hired for a good fencing, and its durability lasts long based on it. First contacting the professional and taking the estimate is the primary job thus giving a good feedback for the work.

Cool Home Security images


Some cool Home Security images:

Secretary …wb32-2_1158
Home Security
Image by Aureusbay
… of our Home Security …

June 20,2012
Home Security
Image by osseous
Installing a new home security system.

Save Money by Installing Conservatory Blinds Yourself


One of the best ways of saving money once your conservatory has been constructed, is to do all of the internal work yourself. The DIY installation of conservatory blinds is a great option for those homeowners who feel that they have the skills to take on a relatively straightforward DIY task.

Any money you save installing your own blinds can be used to buy slightly better conservatory furniture than you might otherwise have bought, or the money could also be used to buy slightly more expensive and more attractive blinds than you might have bought otherwise.

Additionally, installing your own blinds is an achievement of which any homeowner can be proud, and which can be used to bore the neighbors to tears when they are invited to view your magnificently decorated conservatory for the very first time.

There are several ways to approach this task, depending on how skilled at DIY you are.

If you like to both construct and sew, you could make the blinds yourself from scratch, only visiting your local DIY and fabric stores for the necessary materials. This is probably the most cost effective method of installing your own blinds, but it is also the method that will take the most of your time, and demand the most from you in terms of skills.

If you aren’t confident enough to try to build everything from scratch, you might want to try purchasing a conservatory blind kit from your nearest DIY store. Blinds kits come in many different styles and sizes, as well as different prices, so there should be a kit out there to suit everyone. Each pack comes with everything you will need to install your new blinds (except perhaps some tools), and will come with detailed instructions to show you exactly how to tackle each step.

For those who are completely strapped for cash (or perhaps just for people who prefer the slightly bohemian look), another good option is to pick up some soft muslin from your local fabric store, and to simply hang a sheet from each window frame. Muslin is actually an excellent option for conservatory window blinds, as they beautifully diffuse the light that comes through, and turn your conservatory into a most relaxing, and even romantic room.

Whatever your level of skills, please remember to take care when installing any window blinds. If you are uncertain of any aspect of installing your blinds, then don’t be afraid to consult a professional for advice, rather than damage your blinds or yourself.

Nicholas Jensen has recently launched a website about conservatory window blinds where he gives tips about how to install DIY conservatory blinds, conservatory window blinds.

What’s The Difference Between An Above Ground & In-Ground Pool?

Having a pool within your home is a dream that many of us have. However, whenever you think of installing one in your house, a question pops up before you regarding whether you should choose an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. It is a debatable question, and the difference lies in a number of factors. Here are the differences mentioned regarding the various factor that will help you to make your choice. You may ask pool builders Sunshine Coast
The Price:
The in-ground pools are quite highly expensive in comparison to the above ground swimming pools. The main reason behind this is the size of the pool. The average sized pools are usually priced as $20000-$30000 and can go up to $50,000. The installation charges, the entire kit and also the additional costs like electrical hook-up, decking up or creating the patio around the swimming pool and the other accessories make the price even more expensive. The in-ground pools are available in a wide range of materials such as vinyl, concrete or fibreglass. Depending on your budget, you can choose one.
The above ground swimming pools, on the other hand, are quite affordable. They are priced way less than the in-ground ones. Depending on the size of the pool, the prices can go as less as $1,000. The reason why the above ground pools cost significantly less is because there is no need for the underground water channel installation.
The Size And Depth:
Usually, the in-ground pools come in larger sizes, and the above ground pools are comparatively smaller.

However, you can find pools of sizes as large as that of the in-ground ones, if not larger than them. What is important in this case is that the depth of the above ground pools is uniform throughout the pool. The in-ground pools, on the other hand, have a sloping depth. How safe is your pool or spa?
It is harder to winterize the in-ground pools. The entire pool, the pumps, and the underground pipes need to be drained properly before they are dried up for the winterizing process. It is comparatively easier to winterize the above ground pools. This task can be easily done by simply shocking the pool.
When it comes to longevity of the swimming pools, the in-ground pools last longer than the above ground pools. Regardless of the type of pool structure material that you choose such as vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete, the longevity will vary. But, they will anyway last longer than the above ground pools.
Both these kinds of pools take about equal maintenance. Follow Crystal Pools Page
Dismantling The Pool:
If at any time you want to get rid of the pool, the above ground pools are absolutely easy to get rid of. The in-ground pools will cost you huge and will take more time to get rid of it from your house premises. So, be sure about your decision before you proceed.
Now that you have had an idea of the differences between these two types of swimming pools, you will be able to decide the one that is most suitable for you.

Making Use Of Search Engine Optimization Software

In case you do not know anything about SEO, you do not have to fret. This is because there are a number of search engine optimization software available in the market that you can make use of. These are designed and developed in such a way that anybody with some amount of computer knowledge can make use of them in order to optimize their site and get higher rankings.
Advice All The Way by Brisbane SEO Company
You simply need to make your website and focus on your core work. Leave your SEO concerns to the search engine optimization expert or Follow Websites that Sell in Google+ to learn some advice.  As you write your content or create your blogs, this software will be guiding you all along the way. Hence it will tell you how you can optimize your title, insert keywords in your web content and so on. Thus you can simply go on writing about your products, services, company and so on while you keep on getting optimization tips from the software.
Keywords Tracking
As you are well aware, keywords play a major role in your search engine rankings. And you would always like to know if you are using the right keywords in the proper way and if you are getting enough traffic as directed by the search engines. Once you are able to track this information, you would be able to know where you are going wrong and what measures you need to take in order to improve the situation. This kind of tracking by this optimization software will help you in making changes and improving your search engine rankings. As you can see, you do not need to have any special SEO knowledge in order to enhance the search engine rankings of your site as the software is doing all this for you. 
One Tool
This will be one tool for you. All your SEO activities can be integrated on this one platform. You do not have to approach other platforms or software in order to perform other SEO activities. Hence you would be able to save on time and other resources as you are getting all services at one place.
You would also be able to track your competitors with this tool. You can see how they are ranking on the search engines. In case they are ranked higher than your website, you can check out the reasons for this. You may even adopt their keywords or any other of their best practices so that you are also able to achieve higher rankings in order to surpass your competitors. Now you have the search engine optimization software which has this feature and perform better than your competitors in the marketplace. It will also help you with e-mail marketing, creation of reports and so on. This way all your SEO work gets done at one place. Such software is easy to use. You do not need any special computer skills in order to make use of this kind of software for your business. Cool read: Businesses who use Facebook in AU


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"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." That provocative phrase was first uttered by one of America's Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton. In his inexhaustible effort to espouse the virtues of the brand new United States Constitution, Hamilton was quick to criticize those who refused to stand up for liberty. Civil Rights activist Malcolm X famously paraphrased his quote to similar effect. Emerging in an era where pop culture is dominated by vacuous personalities with little of substance to convey, when "scene" bands often concern themselves more with clever marketing strategies than the urgent issues of our times, FOR TODAY stand decidedly apart. Fight The Silence (Razor & Tie) arrives armed with For Today's message of strength through love. The band's emotionally explicit messages are torn from turbulent life experience, with an eye toward constructive change designed to impact their fans, the world at large and the band members themselves, in ways big and small. The band's fifth album is the broadest demonstration of all that For Today has to offer, balancing the ragged, persistent urgency of their well-honed live show with the creative polish of modern metal songwriting and production. Plenty of bands offer up heavy breakdowns mixed with melodic choruses. But few display the authentic passion, the forceful optimism and the unifying anthem making power of For Today. A furious exhortation to "burn it down!" kicks off the album in the appropriately titled "Molotov," which doubles down on For Today's modern and invigorating blend of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal that dominated Ozzfest, the precision blast of sing/scream pioneers and the bottom heavy bounce of early nu-metal, album oriented Active Rock and mosh-pit destroying deathcore. Undeniable anthems like "A Call to Arms" and "Break the Cycle" are certain to take their place alongside For Today's most well-known crowd-pleasers, infused with a touch of atmosphere and melody to balance out the heavy crunch. The contemplative, ultra moody landscape of "Reflections" and the string-filled "Resonate" (which clocks in at just over 90 seconds) will give pause to fans of anything from Deftones to Radiohead, offering room to breathe between the impassioned screams, cementing Fight the Silence as both powerful and complete.Lead guitarist and melodic vocalist Ryan Leitru, his bass playing brother Brandon, drummer David Puckett, new guitarist Sam Penner and vocalist/frontman Mattie Montgomery have crafted For Today's most diverse offering, building on the strengths of fan favorite albums like Breaker and their first album for Razor & Tie, Immortal, infused with the skills honed on Vans Warped Tour, as headliners of Scream The Prayer and on countless tour with contemporaries like We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria, Devil Wears Prada and Throwdown. The band's potent blend of pummeling, powerful and evocative heavy music and outspokenly devoted lyrical force has earned them a dedicated following around the world. That passionate audience's fervent support was evidenced by Immortal's #1 debut on Billboard's Hard Rock chart (and #15 debut on the overall charts). The press has followed suit, with accolades coming from Outburn (who've featured For Today on their cover), Revolver, Alternative Press and more.For Today has never been more prepared to make a record, fine-tuning the material for Fight The Silence for several months, including preproduction work with longtime collaborator and friend, producer Will Putney (Like Moths To Flames, Impending Doom, The Acacia Strain). "We wrote entire songs that didn't even make the album, which we've never done before," Montgomery explains. "We scrapped parts that weren't up to par, as well. So this album definitely represents the cream of the crop of everything we've written." The Prevailer EP and accompanying DVD was a gift to longtime fans, detailing their rise from the scrappy hardcore band who set the hard rock world ablaze with the one-two punch of Ekklesia and Portraits, setting the stage for the breakthrough success of Breaker. That album nearly cracked the Billboard Top 50, buoyed by a collection of songs that more clearly defined the band's metal leanings. Immortal and 2013's Prevailer saw For Today at their heaviest. This new album was tailor made to appeal to longtime fans while inviting new adherents alike. "Fight The Silence is very inviting. It will be very accessible for a lot of different types of people," promises Montgomery. "People who haven't heard of the band before or who may not have liked the band in the past: I would strongly encourage them to check out this record. I'm very confident that it is better than anything we have ever done."The songs on Fight The Silence are catchier and full of more hooks than any For Today tracks before now. Montgomery has always written from a perspective of generational shift, encouraging the youth of today to empower themselves and rise up for change. That sentiment has expanded, in part by the singer delving deeper within. "Fatherless" reaches into Montgomery's own childhood; dealing with the death of his father from cancer when the singer was just eight years old. "A Call to Arms" addresses income inequality and the plight of extreme poverty both in the United States and abroad. "One of the things I was sort of meditating on while writing the record is the fact that the vast majority of violence in the world, if we're honest, is a result to poverty," Montgomery explains. "If we were to address poverty then rich people wouldn't have to live in gated communities with 24 hour security, like they do now, because people wouldn't be starving down the street from their multi-million dollar mansion." The album's title track (and first unleashed online) aggressively confronts the scourge of human trafficking, the modern day slavery that persists in the modern world. For Today is putting their money where their mouths are, as well. Sizeable portions of the proceeds from Fight The Silence will go to the A21 Campaign and their global effort to rescue and rehabilitate those who have been victimized by human trafficking and to expose and prosecute those responsible. Montgomery had all of the lyrics written for the song before he arrived at the studio. "Then the morning before Will got in, I watched a video someone sent me called 'Girls Going Wild in the Red Light District.' They were like, 'Ignore the title. Just watch the video.' In the video there are six girls standing in the window of a brothel in Amsterdam. This song starts playing and these prostitutes all start doing this synchronized dance to this music. All of the guys on the street stop what they're doing and come over and watch these hookers dancing in the window. Then at the end of it, these girls get done and the windows go black and this screen at the top of the building comes on and says, 'Every year thousands of girls are promised a dance career in Western Europe. Sadly they many of them end up here.'" The singer sat in the studio and wept for a good twenty minutes. "I was sobbing, snot coming out of my nose, tears coming down my face. How can we help? Where do we even start? I literally went through the lyrics to this song called 'Hope,' which is ironic. I went through the lyrics that I had written and selected everything and I hit delete. You know what? This is the one that we thought was going to be the single, so I'm re-doing the entire lyrics to this song. I want the world to hear about this thing. So I re-wrote them in 45 minutes that morning. Then we recorded it. That's 'Fight The Silence.'" From the preorder campaign through For Today's considerable touring schedule, the band will work to raise awareness about this issue in particular, mostly in support of A21. "They have safe houses to rehabilitate, they're working on the political end to help get legislation passed, they're doing everything that I would love to do and just can't because I don't have the expertise. We're using what we have to help give them money and resources to make it work."For Today want nothing more than to give listeners the freedom to join them as part of a human community. Fight The Silence is an invitation to anyone and everyone to check out the songs, learn about the issues, come out to the show, engage in discussions with the band. "What I would like to see is for us as humans to be able to put down our differences," insists Montgomery. "Even if we don't agree, we can come together and help each other in this thing called life."The time for building up ideological walls and taking potshots at one another from behind them is over. The time to passivelyignore the world around us has long passed. For Today invites everyone to Fight The Silence with them, in whatever way they can muster. Participation, community, fellowship, relationship: For Today.

at Summit Music Hall
1902 Blake Street
Denver, United States

Kids & Youth Art Programs 2016

Kids & Youth Art Programs 2016
Event on 2016-07-11 09:00:00
MAB ART STUDIO & BOUTIQUE GALLERY  2016 ARTS PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH June 27-September 2, 2016  Ask us about a full month registration for your child!  Discounts for full month registration are available this year! AFTER SCHOOL ART PROGRAMS  WINTER, SPRING AND SUMMER ART CAMPS Please check dates below! Full Day Options are available throughout the year.  Full day option schedule is 9:00am-4:00pm                       AFTER-SCHOOL ART PROGRAM  In addition to Spring and Summer Camps,we also offer classes each Thursday from 3:00-5:00pm at the studio. This is open to children aged 5-12 years old. 12 sessions are 0+gst    Give your child a one of a kind opportunity to learn in a creative way by registering them in a fun filled week of arts programming or after-school with professional artists. Art Camp Itinerary   This year, our kids camp theme is    "ROBOTS AND ALIENS" June 27-September 2, 2016    Give your kids a great experience over  Summer Break with our  Studio Spring Fling "ROBOTS AND ALIENTS" Week!    DAY ONE: ROBOTS What is Robotics in Art?  -DIY MASK MAKING    DAY TWO: Design my ROBOT or ALIEN  Create a ROBOT OR ALIEN OF MY OWN!  Sketch my robot or alien! Preliminary construction of my sculputre!    DAY THREE: My ROBOT OR ALIEN PAINTING  Canvas Painting of Robots and Aliens  Basic Acrylic Theory   DAY FOUR: Paint & Add Media to My Robot or Alien Sculpture Learn the Color Wheel  Mixed Media Lesson    DAY FIVE:   Special Effects Make Up & Photography Children will be transformed into their Robot or Alien on the last day and will have a photography session! Digital photos will be emailed to parents included in the fee of the camp.           Just Some of the wonderful benefits of our camps:     -small and private group sizes    (maximum 10 per group)    -leaders are professional artists in the community   -working studio and boutique gallery in North Vancouver    -15-20 minute break time is spent outside in nearby parks    -field trips and excursions in the community  such as gallery and festival visits during Spring & Summer sessions are possible and TBA for Spring Camp     -B.C.C.T. Certified K-12 Professional Teacher or Professional always onsite    -ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED!      BONUS OFFERS INCLUDED IN CAMP:     One Coastal Imagination Mask included     and a Special Gift with Purchase for Parents!  (gift for parents only included with full price payment of camp- bonus offers below do not apply on promotions)    Choice of:  Four Greeting Cards by Art by Edy or Monika Blichar  /value            buddy up and save!    save 15% if you register 2 or more children into the camp this summer!    call us direct to claim discount on group bookings for 2 or more children!      This year we are pleased to provide guided tours for our spring and summer program participants in the community. Examples include visiting local art galleries and museums on the North Shore and festivals such as the annual Harmony Arts Festival. Trasportation arrangements will be made prior to each camp by either parent drop off or city transit. Each week of our Summer Art Programs will include one day dedicated to a guided tour of an arts and culture activity, opening, show or festival in North Vancouver.       All participants who graduate from our art camps will also be invited to participate in their very own arts opening and exhibition in September of 2016. Each student will be able to show their work to guests, enjoy a celebration of completion and learn about the process of planning and preparing for art shows.     Participants or Volunteers who would like to help coordinte, promote or set up/take down the show, are encouraged to use these hours for their volunteer hours towards high school credits.   Weekly Camps HALF DAY: 3 Hour Program – 0/participant for one week 9:00 am-12:00 pm (Children) or 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Youth) FULL DAY: 6 Hour Program with 1 Hour Lunch Supervision 0/participant for one week  NEW**ORGANIC SNACK AND LUNCH PROGRAM! We encourage healthy eating at the studio and would love to help you keep your child healthy during the course of the camp. Please note, if you are providing snacks/lunch for your child, we are a peanut free facility.  Organic Snack Program-1 snack each day: /day – /week  Organic Snack and Lunch Program-2 snacks and lunch each day: /day – /week  *Please let us know if your child has a food allergy.  *To secure a full day program, please call 604 999 6177 as space is limited for full day programs.                             Registration Questions or Confirmation of Full Day Program:  PHONE: 604 999 6177 | EMAIL:    MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery operates under MAB Ventures Inc., An Arts & Entertainment Agency. Current work by MAB Ventures Inc. includes Art World Expo TM, The FAB Art Program, Diamond Dolls Women's Networking Group, and Social Savvy Gals. MAB Ventures Inc. is committed to supporting community connections, arts and cultural planning and supporting creativity via programs, events, exhibitions and representation of individual artists. Art World Expo TM Body Painting Competitors 2015 Hostesse Fiona Forbes, TV Personality (Formerly on The Rush)  Artist Anne Gudrun at Art World Expo TM 2013. Anne's studio is just around the corner from ours, we might be so lucky as to take the participants on a tour of her studio too! Monika Blichar is the founder of MAB Ventures Inc. as well as the brainchild behind all it's labels. Her commitment to arts and culture have been recognized in the community and media since 2010. She holds a B.A. in English and French as well as a B.C. College of Teacher's Certificate from the University of Victoria and is also the Upper School French Teacher at Brockton School in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, BC.  Monika has been teaching children, youth and adults since 2007 and teaches the summer art programs herself alongside helpers such as professional artists from the Lower Mainland. She is eager to show the next generation of artists what the Art World is all about! With the help of professional artists who regularly participate in events and programs with our studio, we look forward to helping your child be creative this year!  MAB Ventures Inc. and its labels coordinate and create Special & VIP Events, Arts Programming & Education, Exhibitions, Custom Artwork, Promotions & Design as well as Artist Representation.  "MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery is located in the heart of North Vancouver. We offer professional and experienced associates who will service all of your artistic needs. Whether you are in need of an original painting for your home or office, a forum to display your work, or are in search of a full service event planning team, our motivated and inspirational artists and entrepreneurs would be pleased to assist you with your every artistic vison and venture." 

at MAB Arts Studio & Boutique Gallery
1335 Pemberton Avenue
North Vancouver, Canada

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