lilbistro33_ceoFinally you have built your dream house. You have put your heart and soul in the making of your home. Everything that has filled your home might have been handpicked by you.

Now share the joy and satisfaction of decorating your doors and windows with us. You have placed the windows in-order to have proper circulation of air and proper lighting. But as you are aware, the need for air and light keeps changing. We have solution for your changing needs.

We have custom made window blinds which are tailored to compliment your dream and allow just the right amount of light and air. Our blinds will add life to your windows and can be designed keeping in mind your imagination, no matter what. These are easy to operate and can be easily cleaned so that you need not spend more on the maintenance.

For a stronger protection from uninvited guests, we also have a range of shutters. Our shutters again are tailored to fit your doors and windows and can be operated manually or automated. Our shutters elevate the ambience of your room while giving the required protection. Our exterior and interior ranges of shutters are made keeping in mind the elements they will face- the light, the rain, the storms and also the pollutants. No matter what comes, we ensure our shutters serve you well and long enough.

To compliment your bold and beautiful window and door panes, we have our state of art security screens. We have carefully handpicked the materials which go in the making of these screens to ensure that it delivers the desired strength to keep away uninvited intruders, at the same time making it easy for you to make your way. We have also carefully selected the installation process so that they give you peace of mind. They are crafted so beautifully that you will love to watch through them.

Let your house be the home of your family and dreams.

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