Blinds Shutters & Security Screens Reviews

Blinds Shutters3Blind shutters and security screens are important tools in any given house. Both of them have important roles to play and this means that any home owner needs to understand the differences between the two so as to make informed decisions when shopping for these items. Though they are both meant for windows, they have different functions and here is a look at their differences

What are the Differences of Blinds Shutters & Security Screens

Blinds Shutters

Blinds shutters are important in reducing the light getting into the house and in some situations, they waterproofing tools. The shutters are installed in the interior and sometimes in the exterior window frame. While they reduce the light coming into the house, they are also extensively used as part of the interior decoration and an improvement of the appearance of the house from outside. There are different products in the market and the choice largely depends on taste. The shutters come in different types in relation to their operations and the materials used in making them. They are also used in increasing the privacy of the house occupants.

Security Screens

Window security screens are important in adding commercial value to a building their main function is to keep intruders out. Unlike the bars which make the house look more of a jail than a home, security screens are more decorative and can be painted to match the house’s color. The screens are made of steel and this makes it difficult for intruders to get into your house. The security screens come in different styles to fit your needs and your personal taste.

The main difference between blinds shutters and security screens is in their function. Blinds shutters are aimed at reducing the light going into a house while security screens are for keeping the house safe from unlawful intrusions. Find out more information about Security Screens from one of our friends at East Coast Security Screens. Visit their website here:

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