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Are you residing in Blacktown and looking for building construction suppliers for your property. There are a variety of construction companies within Blacktown that you should consider looking for. Among the top construction companies are listed below;

Blacktown Building Suppliers

You can contact Blacktown building suppliers and place an order for timber, hardware and building supplies. They are among the largest suppliers for timber and sheet products. The company takes pride in stocking an extensive range of building supplies for everyday need.  Among the services they offer include;

  • Cutting timber to convenient sizes
  • milling
  • Delivery
  • Painting mixing and matching

H&G; S building suppliers

Located along Windborne road, Brookvale, H&G has more than 20 specialist sales centers that include;

  • Building supplies center
  • Undercover timber yards
  • Drainage and hot water centers
  • Hardware
  • Specialists lock and door center
  • Industrial and power center tools

The company has a team of specialists who receive regular training from industry professionals on the benefits, uses and application methods of different products to ensure their clients receive an up-to- date advice. They also offer next day delivery to the products purchased

Account facilities                                                                                          

H&G Company offers a 30 days trade account facilities which are subject to normal credit approvals. Their methods of payments include cash, debit and credit cards and direct deposits.

Eco Friendly Building Solutions

The store specializes in supply and installation of the most environmental friendly building solutions. They also offer water proofing products to prevent water from penetrating to building through the walls roofs and other wet areas.


The company has specialists who can help you repair leaking slabs, walls and tunnels by injecting acrylic based foams that seal the water and prevent additional leaking.

Bill G fencing

They are one of Blacktown leading wholesalers, distributors and suppliers of timber and other construction products. The store is strategically located at Arndell Park. Their services also include free delivery to customers residing in Sidney and its environs. Their product line is inclusive of;

  • Fencing products and services including
  • Tiber fencing
  • Pool fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Garden facing
  • Tiber supply
  • Chan wire products

Furnart Building Services

The company has experts in every type of construction equipment you need. No matter the type of construction you have, they are dedicated to provide quality services at all levels. They are able to complete your job within the required time and at the stipulated budget too. It provides a wide range of product and services including

  • office fit outs
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Project management services
  • Building permit services
  • Hire and supply services        
  • General building work           

Kingdom Group Property Limited

This is a building supplies blacktown based construction company that had a professional team with experience in the major fields of construction. They deliver quality products with a budget that is convenient to the customer. The company specializes in the following areas;

  • Parks and playground construction
  • Coastal and rives construction and restoration works
  • Kerb and gutters, dish drains and footpaths
  • Formwork, steel reinforcement installation and concrete installation
  • Supply of storage facilities, amenities and substantial construction.



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