Oakland Victorian Houses

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Oakland Victorian Houses
Security Windows
Image by Wilson Hui
San Francisco isn’t the only place in the Bay Area with interesting Victorian Style houses. Oakland also has its fair share of those colourful houses. The bars surrounding the lower levels should tell you how awesome this neighborhood is. Oakland is a fairly diverse area with people from all sorts of backgrounds. This is on E12 Street South of International Blvd, not too far from the Fruitvale BART station. Pay attention if you don’t want to jacked around there, hella ghetto. Don’t be fooled by the paint, it’s not a nice area. In general, you’d want to stay away from areas where there’s a liquor store, cheque cashing service, and a Church’s Chicken. A trifecta of ghettodom.

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto


metal & cacti armored window
Security Windows
Image by digiyesica
Cactus on the windowsill of Casa de Sierra Nevada in San Miguel de Allende. Instant security system.

Security Windows
Image by bikertect

Top Seven Trends In Blinds & Awnings Sunshine Coast To Watch

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The current era is seeing change in almost anything that is being used either in homes or outside. Every single object of use is having constant changes with time. For instance the trends in clothes are heavily changing with time. Similarly, the blinds and awnings are also having constant changes and the trends are changing with time. The following are the top seven trends in the blinds and awnings Sunshine Coast these days.

  1. Layering– Layering is one of the most popular trends in the blinds and awnings. The overall look of the trend is clean, neat, and palette is occasionally consistent for both awnings and blinds. The colors are blend in the contrasting effects in the layering.
  2. Patte– The patterns is very popular trend in the blinds and awnings these days. There are different textures and patterns on the fabric of the blinds and awnings. The different patterns are of geometric, trellis, large scale florals, whimsical motifs, and bold colors etc.
  3. Banding– The banding is mainly of two types i.e. horizontal and vertical and is very popular trends in the awnings and blinds. The consumers can further add different banding for the visual effects and adding width or height to the blinds or awnings.
  4. Wider Drapes– The drapes are getting more fame as the trend is very attractive and eye catching. The drapes are getting very wider and longer for the accommodation and is making the windows to appear in the larger scale. The material of the manufacturing of such awnings and blinds is usually silk and velvet which give it more elegant look and appearance.
  5. Inverted Box Pleat– The inverted box pleat is a very popular trend in the awnings and blinds. These type of blinds and awnings are very softly tailored for giving them modern look and décor. Such awnings have been replacing the traditional ones at a very fast rate. The blinds are offering a contemporary look with maintaining the tradition of light colors and tones with softness and décor.
  6. Grommets– The grommets are in the trends for over a number of years now and are definitely in the vogue. Some of the grommets might be looking very informal and is possible to have enhanced contemporary looks in future. The grommets are in requirement of at least 7 to 8 folding in the top. It means that if you will be purchasing two sets of the grommets, you will have one awnings or blinds. If you are planning to open or close the awnings or blinds on daily basis then you might be in trouble as these are very difficult to close.
  7. Sheers– The sheers have just entered in the awnings and blinds trends and is gaining huge popularity in short span of time. The sheers blinds and awnings are far away from the frilly, fussy, and lacy one that the word sheers bring in to the mind. The blinds are very soft and have contemporary elegant look.

    Privacy Contact Paper Lace Window Film Self Adhesive Clear Covering Easy to Appl

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    Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

    Some of my friends may find me a bit annoying. I don’t really mind, though sometimes I think that they don’t really understand my thinking on security issues. Maybe I am just more safety conscious than most. Anyway, do you feel safe in your home? Do you feel safe while shopping? Do you pay attention to what is going on around you?……all the time? You, like most people don’t and there-in lies the problem. You don’t really want to be a victim and show up on the evening news, do you?

    One of the first things you must do to protect your family is to have an alarm system installed in your home. Look in your phone book to find installers near you. Give them a call and find out the offerings, compare them to get the best deal. Make sure they respond well by checking with those that have a system installed. Check with your police department about the best system in your area. You want to be sure that the system you decide on responds not only to break-ins but also to your fire alarm and has an instant 911 panic button.

    Some other things you can do to make your home secure is:

    1. Make sure your outside doors have deadbolt locks on them.

    2. Install a video monitoring system with infrared so that they can ‘see’ after dark.

    3. Get yourself a BIG dog that is trained as a watch dog. They can be used indoors as well.

    4. Use special reinforced plexiglass or lexan as windows instead of glass, especially on the ground floor.

    5. You could also use decorative steel bars on your windows and doors.

    Keep your bushes trimmed so that they don’t hide your windows or give criminals a place to hide. Keep your window shades/blinds closed, especially at night, so that criminals can’t track your movements or see what is inside.

    I know that many are afraid of guns and wouldn’t have one in their home. But, I wouldn’t want to live in a home without one. I have several handguns and a 12 gauge shotgun. I don’t have any small children in my home so that isn’t an issue, however, if you have small children, keep the guns away from them. You can always put the shotgun by your bed only at night. The best choice, in my opinion, is a 12 gauge pump shot gun with shells loaded with buckshot about the size of BB’s. The sound of jacking a shell into the chamber will scare most criminals away, they know that sound.

    Organize a neighborhood watch program by getting your neighbors involved in watching your property while you are watching theirs. Your local police department may be able to help you with this. Some local governments have a program setup for this, with training classes for all those that want to become involved. The police obviously can’t be everywhere, help them out by reporting suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

    Doing these things will help to protect your family from criminals and fire. You will feel safer and be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your home is secure.

    Bill has been writing for the online community for a few years and has several blogs and websites that reflect his interests, one of his latest blogs can be viewed here:

    Bali Blinds Are Easy To Install

    Blinds Installation
    by mugley

    When looking for window blinds that are easy to install, many people choose Bali blinds because of their ease of installation. Bali mini blinds are great for DIYs (do-it-yourselfers) who want fashionable blinds that are a piece of cake to install. In fact, most people can install Bali blinds in less than 30 minutes. All it requires are some basic tools and the ability to follow simple installation instructions.

    Here are some tools you will need for the installation:
    The blinds you just purchased
    Mini blind screws (these come in the box)
    Hanging brackets (also in the box)
    Bottom brackets; screws (in the box as well)
    1/16 drill bit

    Here is a brief low-down on how to install blinds manufactured by Bali:

    Your first step is to hold up one of the mounting boxes to the upper edge of the window. You will want to use a pen or pencil to trace over where the holes are located. Do this for both upper edges of the window. These pencil marks are what you will then use as reference for drilling a hole in the wall for the bracket.

    Drill small pilot holes that are not larger than the circumference of the screws so that your shades wont fall down! Screw in the mounting brackets along with the mounting screws into the holes you drilled. The open ends of the mounting box should be facing you. For larger windows, a middle hole/screw/bracket may be required.

    Next, open your new Bali blinds from the box and be sure to remove any plastic or other packaging. Align the cellular blinds with the brackets and insert one side at a time into the mounting box. The mounting bracket covers need to be clicked into place at this point so that your new Bali blinds are snug and secure in your window. Do this on both sides of the window.

    Find the plastic valance clips that came with your Bali shades to the top to cover the brackets for a more finished look. These valance clips are then used to hold the extra blinds that came with the package.

    Lastly, find the small hook on either side and attach the enclosed wand that will enable you to open and close your blinds. The hole in the wand attaches to the side hook.

    Voila! Your new Bali blinds are ready for use. We told you anyone can install Bali mini blinds!

    Susan Slobac is a consultant in the window treatment industry. Susan writes about trends in bali blinds & cellular blinds.

    Here Come New Ideas for Sunshine Coast Removalists

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    Office data mostly has documents including lists of different things, records of properties etc. Official records are backbone for any organization. In recent times, due to advancements of technical knowledge, files are saved in computers. This is simple as well as easy for a person to search specific file, as numbers of files are present in office.

    Office files are removed due to many reasons.

    • Mismanagement: It is one of the main reasons for removal of official records. In offices, the place where files are kept must be isolated. Only authorized person must be allowed to enter in that specific area. Human resources department i.e. HR deals with these official records. Official records should only be accessible to persons i.e. employees, business partners etc. Without verification, organization should not provide authentication to user.

    Office documents must have separate copies and should be kept in secure place. By doing this, if one of file is lost it will be secured from backup i.e. other place where file is stored.

    • Cyber-crimes: It is also part for Sunshine Coast removalists office list. In cyber-crimes, person using computer hacks the other system in order to gain profit by accessing its personal information, business secrets etc. In markets, organization competes with each other. They try to put other organization down. This is only possible if they know future plans and secrets of other organizations. In order to achieve that they try access to these files and plan against them, results in benefit of their organization.
    • Greed of promotion: Sometimes employees try to make best image in front of boss. This is just for sack of gaining promotion. Employees try to compete others colleague. For this, they sometimes steal official important record of colleague, who is hard working and chances of promotion for of this persons are greater. As official records are important for organization, loss of file results a strict action from boss of organization against hardworking person, which may result promotion of other person who steals the file. Main reason behind this is jealous nature.
    • Competition among organizations: Official data is very important for organization. Mostly other organizations, for their own benefit, try to get access others official records and planning. For this, they offer financial supports as bribery to employees of organization for getting access. This helps other organizations to set up new and suitable policies to raise their ranks higher.

    Solution of office removalists: Official records must be secured. Persons working in office must be honest. Office documents must have separate copies and should be kept in secure place. By doing this, if one of file is lost it will be secured from backup i.e. other place where file is stored. Organizations should provide better salaries, provide basic facilities and services to their employees, listen carefully their views in any decision making etc. in order to remain employees loyal. Place where files are kept, must be accessible to specific persons. Systems must be present to overcome cybercrimes. This all results in securing of office record list and files.

    New Ideas Into Glass Door Bar Fridges Never Before Revealed

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    Having a refrigerator at home is something that you cannot overlook. Their many applications and ease, increase the comfort of your kitchen as you there are so many things they can do for you. As such, you need to get one as soon as you can. For those that already have fridges, especially glass door bar fridges, this is definitely the article for you.

    Most of the times, people think that these kinds of refrigerators do not require maintenance. Just like a car or any other useful appliance that you have, fridges require constant maintenance to ensure prolonged and productive use. The following are great ideas on how to do so:

    Clear drains

    Refrigerators serve to preserve household products fresh through maintaining low temperatures or otherwise freezing them. However, there are instances when the fridge will start to condense the frozen components. The condensation needs to escape the fridge through the set drains. For your fridge to last longer without complications, you need to ensure that you clear the drains often so that they don’t clog your system.

    Keep condenser dust free

    The condenser is pretty much responsible for most of the working parts of the fridge that you buy. It comprises of several coils that collectively work to control the temperatures in your fridge. As such, when the coils are covered in dust, the condenser is burdened as it has to perform at twice its capacity. Therefore, you need to ensure to keep it free of any dust. All you need to do is to invest in a good hovering appliance to take care of this simple issue.

    Maintain the gaskets

    Gaskets are simply the rubber seals that line the door. They are responsible for keeping the air inside the refrigerator so that the low temperatures are maintained. However, a simple crack on the seal could lead to the air leaking. This will in turn mean that the compressor and condenser will have to work twice as hard. Therefore, you need to ensure that you clean and maintain the seal to keep your fridge’s integrity and performance. This also will help you remove any bacterial that may start to form over time.

    Clean your shelves

    When it comes to cleaning the interior of your fridge, you need to take some level of precaution. Never use hot water to clean the interior shelves as this will damage the parts. You should use warm water and baking soda. Also, you need to be as manual as you can in the cleaning to avoid any injury to the delicate inner parts.

    Clean your glass door

    The glass door fridge series is an awesome brand to have in your home. The transparent glass is a beautiful design that you should ensure you maintain. This can only be done through thorough cleaning. The same concept of not using hot water is applied here. You should also not try any corrosive elements as well. Lastly, do not laze and avoid cleaning the inner side and the inner edges of the frame.

    Black Panther – Home Security (feat. Loer Velocity, Mazzi, Oktober Zero, Pumpkinhead, Sub Conscious & Stic Man from Dead Prez)

    Black Panther – Home Security (feat. Loer Velocity, Mazzi, Oktober Zero, Pumpkinhead, Sub Conscious & Stic Man from Dead Prez)
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    Window Venetian Blind Installation / Mounting Bracket Set High / Large Profile
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